Welcome Page

Welcome to the Kinsmen Guild Website

If this is your first time visiting us, we encourage you to look around, explore our website and learn about us. We also encourage you to contact us in-game, or click on the link to our Facebook™ group page and visit with us there!

Q.What is “The Kinsmen Guild”?
“The Kinsmen Guild” is a guild, or group of players, in the online MMO game “World of Warcraft”. We are located in the US/North America region, on the Moon Guard server. The Kinsmen Guild is a Horde faction.

Q. How long have you folks been around?
The Kinsmen Guild was founded in April of 2007, and has remained an active guild on the same Warcraft server through “The Burning Crusade”, “Wrath of the Lich King”, “Cataclysm”, and now “The Mists of Pandaria” game expansions.

Q. What kind of guild are you (ie. leveling, raiding, PvP, etc.)?
The Kinsmen Guild was started as a “friends and family” guild, and we continue to follow that general course. At our foundation, we are a social guild, building our membership on the relationships with eachother as gamers and as “players behind the keyboard”. Within our ranks, we promote and encourage raiding, PvP, and roleplaying, viewing each of these facets of the game as important parts of the full, overall gaming experience.
At our core, we believe that World of Warcraft is a game, and as such, “… if you are not having fun, then you are doing it wrong!”

Q. Are you an alt-friendly/leveling friendly guild?
The bulk of our membership are long time gamers in The World of Warcraft. As such, a large majority of our membership are at maximum level. We support and encourage the leveling of alts, and welcome members who are not yet at maximum level. We will aid in your leveling process as we can, but please bear in mind that most of those you will see online at any given point in time will be max-level toons.
Of course, the up-side of so many max-level players is that there are many of us who can give advice on how to level and how to get the most enjoyment from the leveling process!

Q. I’m a new player. Will I be welcome in The Kinsmen?
Fresh Meat! … er … ahem … sorry, kneejerk reaction there.
Seriously tho, the answer to that is an unqualified “YES”. We were all new to the game at one time, and we all remember our first few days and weeks of wonder (and occasional frustration) as we wandered about Azeroth learning the game and our class. Please refer to the “alt-friendly/leveling friendly” question above.

Q. I’m a heavy, hard core raider and want to RAID! Is “The Kinsmen Guild” for me?
As a guild, we organize raids on a fairly regular basis. We see raiding as another part of the game where we can socialize and work together toward a common goal. That said, we are not what most would call a “Progression Raiding” guild. Yes, progression is important to us, but it is not the over-riding motivator to our raiding. We raid to have fun and socialize as much as to progress.
If you see yourself as a hard core progression raider, than The Kinsmen Guild may not be the right fit for you. If you still feel otherwise, we would welcome your application, however!

Q. The Kinsmen Guild sounds like the guild for me! What do I do next?
Great! Simply fill out the application form on this website. It may take a day or two for you to get a response from us, but we will get back with you just as soon as we are able.
In the meantime, you might contact one of our members in-game, so that they can refer you to one of our officers. This is especially so if you have additional question or concerns that we may be able to address.

Finally, we would like to thank you for considering “The Kinsmen Guild” as a possibility to become your World of Warcraft family!